Krotos Studio February 2024 Update: 24 new Sound Effects Presets & 1.9.2 Update

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Here's What’s New in the February 2024 Update

The February 2024 update brings twenty-four new sound effect presets to Krotos Studio, alongside three additional categories in the browser for Room Tones, Drones and Cartoon sounds.

24 New Sound Effect Presets


Room tones features a range of noise beds to gel your sound designs together. Drones are continuous sounds that you can shape over time, and the cartoon sounds feature a range of whacky whistles, silly squeaks, and other crazy sound effects.

  • Acme Whistle
  • Cartoon Crash
  • Cartoon Emotes
  • Cartoon Shakes
  • Cartoon Squeaks
  • Fart Attack
  • Infinite Chaos
  • Infinite Slide
  • Party Blower
  • Slide Whistle
  • Toon powerup
  • Balloon Squeak

We’ve also expanded the Cinematic category with new presets that are full of drama, excitement and crushing bass rumbles.


  • Earthquake Bass
  • Low Fury
  • Flashback Twinkle
  • Flashback Psycho
  • Enter the Master
  • Aggressive Drop
  • Joystation
  • Flashback Rush
  • Acid Riser


  • Ghost Walk
  • Aero Tone
  • Shining Light

We’ve also moved Drone presets sounds into their own category.

Refined AI Search

With this update we have refined our AI search engine. You can now search for specific presets within Krotos Studio, or describe the sound you wish to use and the results will present you with some potential sounds.

  • Improved Pro Tools compatibility: Under specific circumstances, Pro Tools would not load or hang, this has been amended
  • Fixed package download resumability: You can rest assured that Krotos Studio will pick up from where you left off iof you need to cut a content download short
  • Fixed autoplay: While switching between autoplaying presets, no audio was been generated. This has been amended

Download the 1.9.2 update!

To access your new sound effects in Krotos Studio, simply log in and update the software. Once installed, head to the library tab and download the content for February.

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