Krotos Studio wins Best Audio Software of NAB 2024

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Krotos Studio Wins Best Audio Software of NAB 2024!

Videomaker has announced that Krotos Studio is the winner of the 'Best Audio Software' award at NAB 2024!

Quote From Videomaker

"Krotos has opened up creativity to content creators and video editors as well as audio specialists. The addition of new AI-powered presets will also enhance the soundscapes you can put together." - Videomaker

This recognition underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity, making advanced audio production accessible to all creators.

Simplifying Sound Design

Krotos Studio aims to simplify the complexities of sound design and Foley for video post-production. Available as both a standalone application and as plugin compatible for DAWs & DaVinci Resolve, our software is designed to be the ultimate sound solution.

With a vast number of sound effect presets, Krotos Studio enables creators and professional sound designers to form the soundscape of any project, whether they're working on a TikTok or a motion picture.

The Krotos Booth at NAB 2024

Redefining Sound with Quick FX

Our latest feature, Quick FX, transforms the way sounds are manipulated within any space. Designed for both novice and professional users, Quick FX allows you to adjust sound distances and apply effects with ease, enhancing projects without the need for deep technical knowledge.

This tool is perfect for content creators who need to quickly refine their audio, ensuring professional-quality soundscapes are just a few clicks away.

Our Relationship with AI

The integration of AI-powered presets has marked a significant milestone in our journey. These presets are not just about offering more choices; they represent a leap in how sound can be interactively moulded to fit the narrative of any project.

This innovative approach not only offers a wide array of sound manipulation options but also improves efficiency, allowing you to focus more on creativity and less on the complexities of sound engineering. And the results are remarkable.

A Talented, Dedicated Team

The sound content in Krotos Studio is produced and recorded in-house by our dedicated sound designers. They live and breath sound design, sculpting the presets in a way that represents their creative efforts and in a way that use the AI Foley engine to create dynamic, realistic sounds.

We also have a Research & Development team who are exploring the latest technological opportunities to make Krotos Studio even more powerful and advanced.

Finally, our product team ensure these astounding new technologies are well thought out and easy to access by everyone and anyone who wants to improve the sound of their videos.

Exhibitors of the convention visiting our booth

Our Commitment to Innovation

Winning this award at NAB 2024 is not only an honor, but also a reminder of our commitment to developing a platform that enhances the creative possibilities of filmmakers and audio professionals.

We remain focused on bringing groundbreaking features that make professional-quality sound design more accessible and intuitive.

Thank You

Thanks to our users, supporters, and the entire team at Krotos; Your passion and feedback inspires us to set a new standard in audio software. We are excited about the future projects and advancements that lie ahead!


The Krotos Team

(L-R) Head of Product, Matt Collings, CEO Orfeas Boteas, Head of Sales, Rich Morson