'Painting' Sound Effects with Krotos Studio

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December 4, 2023
JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

"It's like you're painting on your sound effects!" George Kamenov

Have you ever thought of sound design as a form of art, where each sound effect is a brushstroke that shapes your project's mood and atmosphere? Filmmaker George Kamenov sees it this way, especially when using Krotos Studio. He describes the experience as akin to "painting on your sound effects," highlighting the unique way in which you interact with sound effects in Krotos Studio.

"This is a tool that every filmmaker and editor should be using." George Kamenov

In this detailed video, George demonstrates how Krotos Studio transforms the task of adding sounds to video into a creative art form. Removing the headache of making stock sound effects work for the scene.

"As a filmmaker, I always try to record sound effects for my videos on location. But that's not always what the project needs, or sometimes I'll end up forgetting something, and then I might try to pull sounds from some platform, but those don't work either because the tempo doesn't match, or I straight up just can't find a sound effect that fits. In those cases, having something like Krotos Studio where I can just play back my clip and perform the exact combination of sound effects I need with the exact tempo and timing that I need can be a lifesaver."

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