Krotos Studio 1.9.3 March 2024 Update

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Krotos Studio 1.9.3 Update: 15 Brand New Door Sound Effects Presets

The latest update to Krotos Studio has landed, featuring 15 Brand New Sound Effect Presets, this time covering all things doors:

  • Antique Wooden Door
  • Front Door
  • Glass Wood Door
  • Hollow Interior Door
  • Hospital Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Large Metal Door
  • Lock Picking
  • Log Cabin Door
  • Log Cabin Window
  • Metal Locker Door
  • Old Iron Cast Stove
  • Prison Door
  • Public Toilet Door
  • Vintage Oven Door

Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue in which the recorder would stop prematurely under certain conditions. This has now been addressed.

How to Update:

  1. Log into Krotos Studio
  2. Click Hamburger Menu and go to settings
  3. Click ‘Update’
  4. The latest update will download
  5. Install Update

How to Add The New Sounds:

  1. In Krotos Studio, click the library icon
  2. Click the Download Icon next to ‘March of the Doors’

These sounds will be found in your library once completed!